Roseville Youth Lacrosse Club (formally Woodcreek Lacrosse) is dedicated to providing a positive athletic experience for the ROSEVILLE, CALIFORNIA region student athletes. We are committed to developing character, leadership, teamwork, athletic ability,

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Practice your individual lacrosse skills when you can *(see recommendations below)

Always wear clothing and shoes that are appropriate for both exercise and weather conditions. Make sure a responsible adult is aware that you are doing these activities.

Always warm-up, cool down, and stretch when exercising.

1. Work on ground balls - don’t forget to use both hands!

2. Cradle—stationary & on the move—practice both hands, dodges and switches are a must!   --->Old school challenge! Lay down and then stand back up while cradling! 

3.  Go for a jog with a stick and a ball.

Get creative - u

Try using tennis balls, Swax-lax balls, nerf balls, water balloons, etc. 

Stay active and fit by exercising regularly, even if you are doing it in your home or in your backyard. Go for a jog, a swim, a bike ride, or jump rope or jump on a trampoline.

Do an exercise video or play a video game like Just Dance or Wii Sports, etc... Dance!

Do footwork drills with your stick:

1 foot hops, side shuffle, tuck jumps, etc. Keep learning!

There are hundreds if not thousands of great videos, tutorials, game films, wall ball routines available online.

Design your own offensive, defensive or midfield play

Draw a picture that reminds you of lacrosse (consider sharing it with our club's Instagram and tag us @rosevillelacrosseclub

US Lacrosse Wall Ball Challenge (co-ed)   //  I Love Lacrosse TV (co-ed)   //  Girl’s GameStick Skills

Girl's Lacrosse Defensive Positioning Goal

Keeper Drills’s

GameStick Skills

Defensive Drills Goalie Drills

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