Roseville Youth Lacrosse Club (formally Woodcreek Lacrosse) is dedicated to providing a positive athletic experience for the ROSEVILLE, CALIFORNIA region student athletes. We are committed to developing character, leadership, teamwork, athletic ability,

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Playbook and Video
by posted 02/16/2020

Playbook is updated and on the team site under documents.

Some video examples to go with the playbook update.

Dodge from top right:  How to attack towards the center and get the defender to take a step back.  This leaves the alley open.  Notice that there is no wing attack and everyone has already cleared out.

Dodge from top left: Shows quick ball movement off of a stuffed dodge.  Typical cadence of dodge - pass - pass - shot/dodge.  In this case it was a shot.  Also notice the off ball movement before the play.


Alley dodge with a crease slide when the two slide is late.  Man on the crease is open for the goal.


Another alley dodge to an open crease


And a fun one in case you ever complain of the cold.  Also has some good shooting form examples.




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by posted 02/10/2020

We have fewer than three weeks left until our first game.  Please make every effort to make all of the practices and let me know personally each week if you are going to miss any practice.  See you all tonight! - Coach Doug

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